SRT Offers Installment Payments

Cooperation with GRENKE AG

Operating your company cost-effectively requires maximum planning security. SRT GmbH is therefore pleased to offer its customers the option of installment payments enabled through its certified partner GRENKE AG.

More service

This cooperation allows SRT to provide its customers with more flexibility and security in financing projects over a long period of time. This greatly optimizes our service offering and benefits all of our customers.

Great support for your projects

Especially small and medium-sized companies will be helped by the new, attractive financing options that allow them to realize their projects even more successfully. As a long-time provider of leasing for office communication, GRENKE AG pursues the goal of creating long-term market success with the help of innovative financing concepts.

Benefit from the combined range of services of SRT GmbH and GRENKE AG and make your company even more successful!


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GDPR - What entrepreneurs need to know!

Applicability of General Data Protection Regulation from 25 May 2018

As of 25 May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) will apply to private companies in the European Union. The regulation, which has taken effect on 24 May 2016, serves to protect personal data of EU citizens. As part of the EU data protection reform, the GDPR covers many areas pertaining to the protection of free data movement in the European Single Market.

It is important for entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the contents of the GDPR in order to ensure a smooth implementation. Any adjustments to your company’s own security policies should therefore be proactively addressed. Errors in the privacy policy can result in fines and ultimately a loss of customer trust. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular should therefore prepare a solid implementation timetable in advance.

What to consider?

As an experienced and responsible service provider in online trading, SRT GmbH is able to provide its customers with competent assistance on this topic. These are just some of the major points that need to be considered:

  • Is data stored and if so, where?
  • Which data is collected and how is it used?
  • Are customers made aware of their data collection and usage?
  • Check technical standards. Which software is used and is it safety-tested?
  • Check your company’s terms and conditions – if necessary, adapt your privacy policy to the new guidelines.
  • When reviewing the new security guidelines, be sure to document carefully. This can avoid fines in case of violations.

Do you need a data protection officer?

Depending on the size of your company, it may be advisable to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) who supervises compliance with regulations and adjusts security standards, if necessary. It is generally possible to hire an external DPO. The obligation to appoint a DPO depends on three factors:

  1. Number of employees
  2. Level of detail of data stored/collected (applies regardless of 1.)
  3. Business Area (applies regardless of 1.)

Smooth Sailing with GDPR

Thorough preparation prevents undesirable surprises. Dealing responsibly with the implementation of the new data protection guidelines will strengthen customers’ trust in your company. So don’t forestall reviewing your data protection policy – set the course for your company’s successful development today!

Find out more about the GDPR by clicking on the links below. (German only)

SRT GmbH will be happy to offer you advice.

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Afterbuy Certified Solution Partner | SRT GmbH

SRT GmbH meets Afterbuy GmbH

SRT GmbH is happy to announce continuous fruitful cooperation with its certified solution partner Afterbuy GmbH. During a meeting held on 29 March 2018, both companies brought each other up to date and established contacts with further companies attending the meeting.

Such a strategically important partnership ensures that both sides profit from the other’s specific know how. This in turn enables broadening one’s service package which benefits our customers.

The positive atmosphere and lively exchange of experience during the meeting once again illustrate how well both IT service providers complement each other. SRT GmbH and Afterbuy GmbH are united in a strong partnership that will continue to produce optimal e-commerce solutions in the future.

srtToolbox Lets ERP and Shop Talk to Each Other

Less effort, more revenue

The modular, platform independent srtToolbox enables seamless communication between different shop and ERP systems.

Hannover, March 2018 – If you want an ERP system and a shop system to communicate with each other, you normally need a translator because both speak different “languages”.  SRT GmbH has developed such a translator with the srtToolbox. The interface is able to convert any signal, even for 25 shop systems and 30 ERP systems simultaneously. This way, an online shop can be set up even if it is not compatible with the store’s ERP system.

Independent, modular and expandable at will

„Thanks to our interface, you needn’t reinvent the wheel,” says Ümüt Kaplan, managing director at SRT GmbH. The  ERP-Shop-interface srtToolbox imports and exports articles automatically or manually, as required.

The platform-independent, C#-developed interface is a separate program that runs alongside the ERP system on a company’s in-house server or client simultaneously. It consists of various modules, can be upgraded flexibly, and is expendable by the desired functions. The basic module forms the basis; it provides the protocols and default settings for data transfer between shop and ERP system. The transfer of data is protected according to the latest security standards.

“Operators of online shops need to achieve a lot in order for their online business to run successfully”, knows Kaplan. Adjustment and maintenance of data between ERP system and shop system should not be part of their tasks. The srtToolbox automates and standardizes working steps and thereby ensures greater sufficiency – users are given more time to deal with more important tasks such as the development of their business.

Further information can be found on

Press contact: Patrick Fam
(+49) 0511-515 49 512

We Connect Every ERP System with Any Online Shop, Independent of Provider

Cost-effective, universal, sustainable

With the srtToolbox SRT has developed an interface that enables smooth data transfer between ERP and shop systems.

Hannover, March 2018 – When established retailers or manufacturers expand and want to engage in e-commerce, they are faced with the challenge of connecting the new shop system with the already existing ERP system. The srtToolbox is an interface that allows different systems of various type and age to communicate smoothly with each other. The toolbox not only simplifies data transfer, but also provides information for easy handling centrally on a single, neatly arranged user interface.

Universal Interface for E-Commerce

“What e-commerce needs and usually seeks in vain, we offer”, says Ümüt Kaplan, managing director at SRT GmbH. The IT service provides supports small and medium-sized enterprises in the introduction of ERP and shop systems. In order to offer an even more comprehensive service and facilitate small entrepreneurs and business founders’ entry into e-commerce, SRT has developed an interface that combines systems of the most diverse providers. “Thanks to the srtToolbox, even a simple shop system can be combined with the economically acquired ERP system, regardless of their actual incompatibility.”

The complexity that can be mapped with the srtToolbox is just as comprehensive as the possible systems to be integrated. Karlheinz Nicolai, managing director of Nicolai GmbH, uses the srtToolbox for his bike shop and says: “My mountainbike configurator allows my customers to create a product by individually selecting and inserting even the smallest screw themselves. In the end, there are a million ways to design your own bike. Through the SRT interface, all options are available in the system, and orders are received neatly so that we can fulfill every customer’s desire.”

The srtToolbox transforms signals of one system to safeguard frictionless communication with other systems. “Lastly, it doesn’t matter how many systems need to be connected.” With regard to Industry 4.0, the intelligent interface allows not only software but also smart hardware mutual communication so that production machines can be integrated into an existing system. Additionally, this enables identifying and controlling workloads, capacities, or maintenance conditions.


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Linkbuilding 2018 - Costs, Methods, Risks

According to the results of the “Link Building Survey 2017” conducted by Link Assistant, 72% of respondents stated that they consider backlinks to be a significant ranking factor.

The survey on the link building activities of various search engine optimizers is based on statements from about 630 people, some of whom work as in-house SEOs, some work at agencies, and some work as freelancers for companies.

Costs of link building

Compared to the past year, the expenditure on link building has increased even further. In 2017, approximately 68% of respondents working in the online marketing industry reported that they spend about 1,000 USD on link building per month. Furthermore, around 73% create up to 20 back links per web page per month. By comparison, in 2014, about 40% of 300 respondents invested between 51% and 75% of their SEO budget in links.

Efficient vs. risky link building methods

According to the latest study, 72% of all SEOs surveyed believe that link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies. Only 6% of the more than 600 survey participants reported in 2017 that Google had punished them. This small percentage shows that while the strategy of engaging in public relations with Google creates a considerable amount of uncertainty, it rarely leads to serious consequences.

Link building activities have changed over the past few years. While it used to be common to register, advertise, or buy links to web pages in dedicated catalogs, such measures are now considered too dangerous. According to experts, the most effective (and most harmless) link building methods are content or outreach marketing, infographics promotion, broken link building, local entries in business directories, as well as links from real resource pages.

Link building 2.0

If one summarizes the essential results of the current link building survey, the efforts of well-known search engine operators against links generated primarily for SEO purposes currently seem to simply result in more money being invested into SEO or link building.

However, link building is losing popularity due to a growing signal mix. Today, link building 2.0 is becoming the new trend in content marketing. Essentially, this is a mix of mentions, links, and brand range. The link affects the ranking, the mentions create an SEO-relevant context, and the range of the brand leads to an increased incentive that influences search queries based on browsing and thus positively supports the overall ranking.

Currently, the costs of engaging a link building agency that provides support on marketing issues and brand strategy implementation are limited. It therefore provides a much safer alternative to hiring your own link builder who increases a business’s personal risk.


Good link building or a good content marketing campaign requires both a strategy as well as careful and conscientious implementation. Naturally, such professionalism comes at a price. Those who want to save money in this crucial area not only increase the risk of receiving a penalty, but will eventually waste money through ineffective links. Therefore, check the effectiveness of new links in time and invest only in effective backlinks!